How to decide if a Destination Wedding is right for you?

A destination wedding is a preferred choice for many couples these days. It has seen a rising trend among couples who are looking for an intimate and personal celebration. We help you decide if it’s the best choice for you and how you can plan your destination wedding. Helps you…

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Wedding Shenanigans that will leave you laughing

Weddings are a time to unravel our naughty side. And no surprises for guessing who is mostly at the receiving end. Of course, it’s the groom. The famous Joota Chori ritual has burned a hole in the pockets of many men. You surely would want to steal the limelight, if…


10 Tips to Make Your Wedding More Personal and Unique

Every couple wants their wedding day to become the event of the year for their family, relatives and friends. Regardless of whether it is a beach wedding or a farm wedding, this is a very special day for everyone to get together and celebrate the new chapter of life. When planning…


Summer Wedding Etiquette Tips

One of the most important decisions you need to make after getting engaged is when to actually tie the knot. And when it comes to this, summer days are hard to beat. Because of the sunny weather, many people choose this period to get wed. Weddings are also more laid…



International Saxophone Players is a highly appreciated and demanded art around the world. It is an American instrument which is played by using a person’s mouth and fingers to develop a soothing rhythm. People pay a lot of money to see them showcase their talent. To see a saxophonist dance…


Things to keep in mind while planning your dream wedding

Weddings truly hold a great place in our hearts. They are an inspiration for many to look forward to. So why leave a stone unturned while planning for the most memorable day of your life? We are here to help! We present to you a practical yet brief checklist that…

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6 Ingredients of a Magical London Honeymoon

It’s official: You are hitched! After the frivolity of a wedding celebration, it’s time to spend some alone time with the new spouse and launch into life together in a grand way – maybe work on a baby too, if that’s the plan. If you’re off to spectacular London for…

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Searching for live bands in Delhi? Hinglish is your one-stop answer

Hinglish is among the most sought-after bands in India right now. They have become famous after their superlative performances at various high-profile weddings. They’ve even enthralled audiences in Destination weddings as well. The Live Bands is really nice with soulful voices. Gunjan Sharma, Kunwar Singh and Rishi J and their…

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