3 Simple Steps to Finding the Right Wedding Planner

A wedding is one of the most important, most cherished events of one’s life, and everyone sure wants to make it best. However, not many are aware of what goes into making their wedding an event that they will never be able to forget, and that’s precisely where a wedding planner comes in.

However, it’s not exactly easy to find the right wedding planner either, and that’s where we come in and share 3 stupidly simple steps to finding the wedding planner that will make your wedding a “dream” event.


Wedding planners aren’t difficult to find these days, but finding the one that’s right for YOU, is. Resources are ample but it must be coupled with good, thorough research.

Take a deep plunge into the Web, look for organizations offering certified, trusted planners. Seek out reputed freelancers; their rates are a lot cheaper and some of them are real hidden gems.

Join an online forum for newly-weds and inquire. Ask friends and family.

Take a bridal magazine subscription. Probe through YouTube.

Scout for options, but don’t drown yourself in too many choices.


Look for wedding portfolios on the planners’ websites, and consult them for ideas.

Mix and match ideas, cook up a theme, be creative. Keep in my mind, wedding planners are experienced executives but not omniscient. Clearly spell out what you need, addressing every devilish detail meticulously. Discuss food, venue, the cake, the decor, the ambiance. Explain your vision through pictures, videos, magazine cut-outs, and maybe even hand-drawn sketches. Listen to the planner, but make sure you follow through with what suits you best. Happy weddings usually have a good balance of professional engagement and personal preferences and tweaks.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, make it count.

The Decision

After you’ve shortlisted potential wedding planners, start talking business.

Phone calls and emails are convenient, but make sure that you actually meet up with your planner at an early date. Popular wedding services offer home-visits anyway.

Enthusiasm and positive attitude are something to look out for in planners. Ask for references and look into past projects. Make sure that you both are on the same page.

An extravagant wedding maestro may not perform appropriately in a cozier gathering. Talk to old clients and take feedback. And most importantly, look for a service/pack which suits your budget.

Take some time to ruminate their experience, skills and also weaknesses; and take the final decision with unwavering conviction. Sign up the contract, and let the proceedings begin. You’re now in the hands of a professional and have much less to worry about.

Research is undoubtedly helpful, but ultimately planning a wedding is an intimate affair. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing for the big day. But you can certainly use the expertise of your planner, and bring to life your dream wedding.

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