5 Ways to Personalize Your Weddings for Your Guests

The very moment you start to plan your wedding, you should be thinking about how you can makeyour guests feel included in your ceremony.They have given you their time to celebrate you and your partner, and so the least you can do is make them part of your event.


Have a look at the simple but impactful ways in which you can personalize your wedding for your guests. 

  1. Decorate the wall with fun photos of your guests

One of the best ways of making all your guests feel included in your wedding is to decorate your event with photos of them.

To do this, set aside a given wall and put up a collage of professionally printed photos of you and your friends. When they come over to the wedding, they can have a chance to reminisce over happy times together and rejoice in how much they mean to each other.

Best of all is that you can get a large number of these photos from social media platforms without having to let your friends know that you are looking for them. This allows you to surprise your guests with a wonderful collection of memories. 

  1. Have pebbles engraved with your guests’ names to mark the table arrangement

Engraved pebbles are a way of showing your guests that you care and value their presence at your wedding. You can use pebbles to signify the seating arrangement at your reception. Just place each of them on the part of the table where you have arranged for each guest to sit.

These pebbles also make a lovely memento for your guests to remember your big day by.

For bigger weddings having the pebbles engraved could become quite expensive. If so, you can opt to use long-lasting paints on the pebbles. The hand-written element could make give it an even more personal touch.

  1. Have your guests create the playlist for your wedding

Choosing a playlist for your wedding reception and after-party is just one more task to add to the huge amount of work that goes into organizing a wedding.

One way of reducing this workload and making your wedding more personal to your guests is by having them choose the playlist for you.

This is easily done using Facebook or WhatsApp. Simply have your guests message your any song recommendations. Do this in private so other guests are surprised when the specially chosen songs come on.

This is a sure fire way to get the dance floor rocking.

  1. Personalized bottles and glasses for the table

You would feel nice attending a friend’s wedding where you are served using glasses or bottles with your name. Your wedding gives you a chance to do this for your friends and relatives.

Decorate each table at your wedding with champagne bottles with personalized labels that contain the names of the people sitting around that table. Personalizing each glass with a guest’s name can give them another cool souvenir to take home once the wedding is over.

You can also include some jokes, appreciation quotes or nicknames for your close friends on the bottles and glasses. For example, apart from putting your father’s name ion the bottle, you can go ahead to write something like, ‘Best father, I know’. This will make your loved ones to know that as you planned your wedding, they were in your thoughts.

  1. Prepare and read poems featuring your guests

For a less expensive way of including your guests in your wedding,you and your partner can spend some time before the wedding and come up with a poem that references the guests. This can be read during the wedding event or at the reception.

When reading this poem, you will be sure that the guest will be moved by the kind of love that you have for them. Mention fun memories or moments where your guests have been there for you in a difficult time. Done right and this could be quite a moving experience for you and your guests.

Adding personal details to your wedding for your guests is one of the best ways of making them feel valued. The ceremony is of course a celebration of your love, but your relationship is ultimately supported by those close to you, so be sure to make them feel appreciated on your big day.

Author bio: Didier Penine is the owner of Say It With Champers where he creates personal champagne gifts for all kinds of parties and celebrations.



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