6 Ingredients of a Magical London Honeymoon

It’s official: You are hitched!

After the frivolity of a wedding celebration, it’s time to spend some alone time with the new spouse and launch into life together in a grand way – maybe work on a baby too, if that’s the plan.


If you’re off to spectacular London for your honeymoon, there’s an abundance of things that you can discover together for the first time. The city may not be as big as others, but it can offer you countless new experiences since it’s one of the most diverse cities in the planet.

Getting the most out of your London honeymoon and ensuring a wonderful time with the wife or hubby entails some preparation though. When you’re well-prepared, you can just breeze through most situations and avoid some heartbreaking disagreements or misunderstandings along the way.

To help you with this, here is a list of ingredients for that magical London honeymoon recipe.

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1.     Reliable transportation

Don’t scrimp on convenience especially if it’s your first time in London. Hiring a car and chauffeur is ideal if you intend to watch a musical on West End or dine at fancy-schmancy Michelin restaurants. Free yourselves from worry about getting lost in the long and winding roads of the city or needing to stick to a strict schedule in order to visit as many places as you can with the limited time that you have. If you hire a chauffeur, you have the freedom to linger at your favorite places or quickly leave others. You also get the additional fun advantage of achieving the illusion of being more “major-league” than you actually are, particularly when you opt for a luxury vehicle.

2.     Compromise to accommodate each other’s true wants and expectations

Sit down with your partner and discuss what you really want to do in London. You may have different ideas of what’s fun and it’s imperative to take this into consideration, so that instead of feeling frustrated that your other half doesn’t want to go to the museum or art gallery like you want to, you can just come up with a compromise to maintain the peace. Something like:

You: “I want to look at paintings.”

Spouse: “I’d much rather wait for Stephen Fry to make an appearance at Joe Allen’s.”

You: “I’m married to a creeper. I’ll meet you at Joe Allen’s after the gallery.”

Spouse: “Okay. Text me what you want to eat and I’ll have your order ready by the time you arrive.”

There you go – compromise effectively to maintain the romantic air and marital harmony.

3.     Cheap thrills

It’s always smart to include things that you can do for cheap or free. Some of the best things in life are free or just cheap; don’t deprive yourselves of these during your honeymoon. London offers many delightful experiences that don’t cost an arm and a leg and they may just be responsible for the best memories of your early married life. There’s nothing more magical than experiencing something wonderful for absolutely free…or a few beans.

4.     A realistic budget

This will help you manage your plans better and stay within your means. Financial advisers say that when you’re honeymooning, it’s better to establish a generous budget and just find good deals along the way that will give allowances for splurges like Wimbledon tickets to see the world’s best in tennis, or seeing the newest Glyndebourne productions.

5.     A flexible schedule

Create a schedule that offers room for sudden changes. This will provide structure to your plans but also allow you to deviate from them without completely altering your itinerary.

6.     Patience

Love is patient – this is an important variable in the formula for people going on their honeymoon. It’s not always going to be fun, fabulous and sexy even if you’re in a beautiful place. You need to be understanding of each other, keep an eye out for the other’s mood, and fight the natural urge to be defensive at times. If you can be patient most of the time and keep a calm smile on your face when things aren’t ideal, then your honeymoon will be great.

You’ll only honeymoon once (that is, if you only get married once) so make the best out of it and plan thoroughly. If your London honeymoon turns out as magical as you desired it to be, future travels with your spouse will most definitely be as lovely.


Faisal Baig is Director of Belgravia Chauffeurs, a company offering unrivalled chauffeur services with total dedication. He leads a team with over 20 years of experience in the automotive customer service field


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