Every event in the world holds its utter importance. Similarly, a wedding is a major event for a couple and they make uncountable efforts to make it a memorable one for the guests and the family. From setting a date for the wedding till searching for a perfect venue, it takes a lot of search and hunt. In order to bring your wedding from imagination to reality, it is essential to focus on the qualities of the location, venue, and most importantly, the food. One of the most amazing ideas for organizing a wedding event is celebrating it outside along with the romantic breezes, bright blue sky, and a natural pretty décor.

Given below are some of the most astounding trends that can make your wedding trendy as well as unforgettable for the guests. You must follow and implement some of these trends to make your wedding the talk of the town.

1. Funky and Dim Lighting


While a brightly lit wedding is always going to have its own charm, it’s also important to keep in mind that dim lighting is enjoyable as well. The only problem is that you might not know how to adequately provide your guests with high-quality dim lighting, and this is where the LED tube lights could come in. The great thing about these specific kinds of lights is the fact that they are so easy to manipulate in order to create the specific lighting arrangement that you might be looking for. You can buy multiple colors with ease and use these colors to create a specific mix of lighting, one that would enable you to meld together the various hues that you prefer. Also, providing a beautiful pathway for entrance along with luminaries and lanterns is an amazing idea.

2. Open Air Location

Another popular theme that has been seen this year, and will most likely be popular through to next year as well as the open-air wedding. These weddings are popular because of the fact that they allow all of the guests to move around as much as they want. This is great because a big wedding can end up having a very large number of guests, and things can end up getting pretty cramped if you are not careful. Also, since you cannot do anything to control the sudden weather conditions, you should always have a backup plan to make it an indoor wedding or arranging a large number of umbrellas for the guests to offer shelter. Therefore, it is important to keep on track the weather forecasts.

3. Make Your Venue Wind and Bug-proof

The most important thing to keep in mind while arranging your outdoor wedding is the effort needed to win the battle against the wind and bugs. In order to stop bugs coming into your wedding, you need to have your wedding site sprayed 48 hours before the event. Also, you can incorporate flowers into your décor that the bugs despise such as lemon balm, marigolds, citronella, lavender, and peppermint.

You can also fight against unprepared possible wind issues by incorporating wall panels to your lightweight tents. Also, you can put heavy weight centerpieces on tablecloths to prevent it from flying. You can fight against wind conditions by replacing your lightweight plastic and paper plates and glasses from sturdy plates, glasses, and utensils.

4. Attractive Custom Invitations


You should try to spend a little extra on your wedding invitations because this would enable you to optimize your attendance rates. People are more likely to attend a wedding that has a top-notch invitation after all. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try to make the most of your wedding invitations and show your guests just what an exclusive event your big day is going to be. You can implement your creativity including colors and flowers that can make the invitation card look attractive.

5. A Perfect Gift Lounge

Instead of preparing proper welcome bags for the guests you can also display a perfect gift lounge at your destination weddings. The gift lounge can contain various things including, snacks, sweet treats, drinks, and goodies that your guests can choose individually. This strange idea can help the guests choose the things they love and enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Arranging versatile bags with custom designs and written names for the guests can make them even happier. Providing welcome bags to the guests at your wedding is a perfect way of thanking them for attending your event.

6. Elegant Table and Chairs

The number one priority for the wedding is to make the guests happy and comfortable at the same time, therefore, it is essential to provide a better seating arrangement for the guests so that they can be comfortable and get themselves entertained. You can incorporate chairs and tables according to your wedding style or theme. You can use Chiavari wood chairs instead of those plastic ones to make your décor look extremely elegant and ravishing. Also, you can use colored or monochromatic cushions for your chairs to make it look more colorful and vibrant.

7. Floral arrangements


One of the most amazing ideas to make your wedding a royal one is the flower arrangement and décor. It can make your wedding site look fresh and gloomy. You can further add a floral fountain to your wedding site and take it to a whole new level of love and romance by incorporating lily pads and floating candles to the pool. Also, flower-decorated walls can provide a great background for amazing wedding pictures. Incorporating hanging pomanders of varying colors and sizes is another great idea for the décor.

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