7 Unbelievable Facts about Wedding Resorts

Wedding is a life time event for anyone’s life. It is a beautiful time of taking vows with your loved one and celebrates this moment. As soon as the engagement gets final, we all start planning for our big day. You get busy in your fairy tale wedding. There are endless list of shopping for jewellery, clothes and much more. Now, the questions arise from which place your wedding will occur. Whether you are going for destination wedding or not or do you want to have local wedding. There are many things which you take care like budget of wedding, size of wedding, venue, flowers, wedding dress and photographers. It is not an easy task for taking decisions.


  1. Theme

As weddings in Resorts are gaining popularity, more and more newly engaged couples are going for the option of resorts for their wedding day. They can choose the resort as per their budget. The resorts presents the theme based weddings and other functions. Hiring a resort for wedding will free you some of the responsibilities of venue. You just have to tell your expectations and needs to the resorts and you will get your result on the wedding day.

The wedding is not a single event; it is an event of many rituals. Every ritual has its own importance. The rituals like mehandi, sangeet and haldi are the most popular rituals of any wedding. The resorts will have different themes for all of your wedding functions and rituals. They have beautiful and amazing different themes for different functions. You can have your wedding day very special with full of flowers decorating the place offering picturesque scenes for your guests. You can have exact the same theme for reception theme as you want for the day with balloons and ribbons. Different themes for different functions will mesmerize all of your guests. Having countryside theme or rustic theme will make your day special and unique.

  1. Photo opportunities

Outdoor weddings offer lots of stunning areas for the wedding shoot. The place has beautiful surrounding which will give you excitement for you wedding shoot. Indoor wedding shoot is also good but going for outdoor and different locations will win your heart with it‘s beauty and difference. The resorts offer excellent backdrops for your wedding album. You can capture every moment of your functions. The photographs taken during Haldi, Mehandi and Sangeet with different themes will offer variety of different photographs. They are conducted at different locations of the resorts. Thus, your photographs will not give you the same location for every function. Photography at different places in the resort is little bit exciting, isn’t it?

Often, the resorts have their own photographers. Hiring them will also be relief for you. You can ask then for their portfolio and after that can decide whether you want to hire them or not. In case, you want to have photographers of your choice, go for that option too. In any case, try to have the best one and have memorable wedding moments captured in a place only.

  1. Safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day. While selecting the venue of the wedding, couples often miss to think about the safety issues in the wedding resorts. On your wedding day, you will never want to have messed up things because of any unfortunate happening.  Generally, we ignore the natural factor like bad weather. We forget that nature is unpredictable so any change in the climate and weather can cost your wedding day. It can spoil all of your dreams for the special day of your life. Sometimes, raining is unexpected, it occurs without any warning and season. Raining can spoil the whole wedding day if you have not taken precautions before.

On your wedding, the whole place is decorated with flowers of different varieties. Surprisingly, the rain starts occurring, and then what will happen to all your guests and food. So while checking out the venue of your wedding, take care that for any unwanted event, the resort has arrangements for organizing the event in the resort. DO they have any indoor facility for conducting the event in emergency? All these points are very important for preventing your wedding form ruining.  Therefore, make sure that your beautiful dream does not result in any disaster.

  1. Accessibility

It is not an intelligent move by hiring a wedding resort far from your home town. Doing so will make the venue less accessible to your guests. Not all of the invited guests will be able to reach the wedding due to long distance. Thus, while selecting the venue of place, you should also consider the easiness of your guests to reach at the wedding location. You should locate such locations which are quite easy for the guests to reach on time and they can enjoy all the functions of the wedding.

While selecting the venue, you can also consider the traffic factor also. Obviously, try to avoid such wedding venues which usually have high road traffic. It will cause lots of inconvenience to you as well as your guests too. You can also ask your manager of resorts to tell them other possible routes for reaching the wedding locations. It will be really very helpful that after finalizing the venue, you print the route for reaching at the venue on the wedding day. Your guests will surely appreciate you for doing so and taking care of their convenience for reaching your wedding.

  1. Facilities

During finalising the venue for the wedding, there are lots of things which we do not consider at that time. But when the day arrives, we get to know the importance of such small things which we forget at the time of finalizing the venues. To prevent yourself from troubles, just check out those things before finalizing the venue for the wedding. Before finalizing the venue, check the air conditioning facility of the place, parking space, washroom areas, lighting, lift facility etc. In spite of beautiful place, sometimes these factors matters a lot. Avoiding these factors can make you the topic of discussion and criticizing in the wedding. Therefore, keep all of these points in your mind before taking final decisions on venue.

All these points matters a lot in making a wedding successful. Although these are small points but hold the importance in the wedding. However, most of the resorts take care of all these points, but it does not matter if can recheck all these factors once again for your satisfaction. Make sure the day before your wedding all the factors are in good condition.

  1. Booking

Popular Wedding venues are always booked. They are always booked in advanced. Sometimes, the booking takes place in advance with a period of 6 months to 1 year. The period of booking the venue is different for different places. In the wedding season, all venues are booked in advance. Immediately booking a place can be little risky. If you are lucky, then you have place booked instantly. But of course, thing like this does not occur frequently. All the bookings depend on the availability of place for the particular day. If you already have some dreams for your wedding, then check the availability of the place for your decided date of wedding. After the date gets finalized, do not waste a single second. Go and check the place whether the place is free or not on the day of your wedding. After checking the bookings, go for advanced booking. But before making the booking, make sure that the place is fulfilling your entire requirement and meeting all your expectations. Book it without making any delay.

  1. Space

Whenever you go for looking the place for your wedding, you should have idea about the number of guests you are inviting in your wedding. Booking a place without counting your number of guests can be disastrous and ruining your wedding. Before going to book a place, let’s make the list of guests you are in mood for inviting. After finalizing the guests, you should look for the places which have space for the guest which you have in your list. The space in wedding resorts in jaipur must be sufficient to accommodate all of your guests comfortably.

It is necessary because the resorts also have to make arrangements in the wedding as per the number of guests. They have to set the tables and chairs as well as other necessities for the guests. They will also take care of safety measures of these people.

Wedding day is very important day in the life of bride as well as groom. The couple want to make the day a happening one in their life with lots of memorable memories. Take care of few things for making the unforgettable one. Decide you wedding day and go for making all your dreams come true.  You are welcome to share your experience and provide your feedback.

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