8 Tips For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Outfit

Finding a wedding dress is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to a wedding! Having a perfect wedding outfit is something a girl daydream even as a little girl. But when the day actually comes finding your perfect dress is one heck of the task.

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Here is our list of 10 Tips that will help you choose your dream wedding outfit.

  1. Experiment:

Always be experimental. Don’t be afraid of trying out different drapes and patterns. Bridal wear is not only limited to lehengas but you have sarees, gowns, jackets, draped gowns, and Ghaghara to try out as well. But you need to experiment with different outfits to find out the perfect and gorgeous look for you.

  1. Detailing:

Never forget the detailing which your outfit contains, the embroidery detailing is something you should concentrate on. Select the most royal yet the craft detailed embroidery. Try out the zardosi, add some silk and glass in a perfect proportion and get that WOW factor into your dream outfit.

  1. Be Colorful:

Most of the brides go for traditional colors when it comes to their wedding outfit. Don’t hesitate to go for your favorite color. Try to play with blues, wine, and purple colors. Also, Pastels are on trend as well. So it’s time to ditch the regular colors and try putting up the off-beat hues.

  1. Be graceful:

Try to opt the outfit that will make you look extra graceful. Don’t drool over those beautifying outfits, try the comfortable ones as well and make sure whatever wedding outfit you choose, it’s comfortable. Because having a comfortable outfit on your special day will not only help you move around and do things easily but also will help you with your happy mood as well.

  1. Be authentic:

Try to stay authentic as much as possible. If a wedding combination looks good on your friend on someone who you admire, doesn’t mean it will suit you as well. Try to make your own combinations and styles. Because you know yourself better than anyone else.

 6. Get Themed:

If you guys are going for a theme wedding. Then why not have a themed outfit for both of you. If you are thinking of royal theme wedding. Then having a Rajasthani royal outfit will be something you should go for. If having a beach wedding then the elegant pastel lehengas are the one for you. Even if you are going in for a pre wedding video shoot, Having a theme is something you need.

  1. Believe Your Instinct:

When selecting your outfit, never rely on what’s in the trend. Ask yourself, does this dress make me feel beautiful. Would I be in love with this dress even after 20 years? Go for your instinct and always listen to what your heart says because it’s your wedding, not someone else’s. So “Be You”

  1. Be Small:

When going for final selection for your wedding dress, take only one friend or sister whom you trust and whose opinion you will really trust. We usually find brides going in with four-five people and all of them has divergent views on what dress you should choose. This instead of solving the problem, Increase the bride’s anxiety for final selection.

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This article has been written by Simar Singh. He is the founder of wedding knob, and a digital marketing enthusiast working with multiple wedding photographers in chandigarh

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