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In programming, we often work with different kinds of entertainment, including Wedding Orchestra , Wedding DJ, Silver Strings Band, Indian Belly Dancers. Here are seven things to know about working with bands for your events?


1) Stage & Location

Some bands requires a specific size of the stage to perform at the event. They may also be asked to stage the event in a specific location. If the event is in the tent, it is important that the group of weather-proofed. If the beginning of the rain or the wind blows, the group should unplug all security.

2) Power requirements

With all the equipment necessary for the band to perform, there are often special musical performance power and voltage requirements in order to ensure the group runs smoothly. The Group Manager can usually give you the details. Outdoor events such as weddings tent, generator power is often required to accommodate the needs of the group.

3) Green Room

Green room with a private room or area where group members can get ready for their performance, to relax during breaks, and leave their personal belongings. They can have a green room location requests. If the event is an outdoor event, it is certain that the temperature is controlled with good lighting is often necessary to meet the needs of performers.

4) Food & Beverage

Make sure that the group has a lot of soft drinks and water in that. Some bands may require alcoholic beverages during their performance. It is up to you, the customer needs to decide whether it is appropriate to provide alcohol group. The contract must clearly identify their needs.

5) Setup Time

Setup requires a significant amount of time to spend more time than a DJ. 10 piece band usually need about three hours to set up and sound check. Be sure that the place of the contract will allow enough time for the group to get into the wild before guests’ arrival.

6) Download and Load Out

The group will need to know when and where they can upload and download their gear. With a hotel, you may need to get the Dock loading areas and the hotel to get information. Some hotels require the experts to schedule their time loading dock area.

7) Day of the point of contact

As a planner, you want to have a mobile number to contact the band for the day of the event. If there are any questions, you can easily get in touch with the appropriate contact.

Working relationships should be fun and easy. All key elements should be outlined in the initial contract and must remain open and consistent communication of last wedding or event. Clear conditions, flexibility and open communication make it a win-win for everyone!

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