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Delhi is a city which leaves no stones unturned when it comes to weddings. These are lavish affairs with minimum fuss and all class. When it comes to the groom’s dressing sense, all boxes must be ticked. This includes the adornment of a suitable wedding safa along with the Sherwani. Worn as a tradition at Indian weddings, it forms the most important accessory for the groom on the wedding day. It’s what completes the elegant look of the quintessential Indian groom. It is essentially the turban, made of fancy fabrics and designs, usually contrasting to the colour of the sherwani.

Wedding Safa Wala/ Turban for Wedding

With a fabulous adornment of sherwanis and indo-westerns, a safa helps complete the regal look. It effortlessly adds elegance and style and is perfect for weddings, grand ceremonies and festivities. The Jodhpuri turban or Rajasthani safas are known for their elegance and are known by multiple names according to their fabric and colour. We at Wedding Safa online have the largest collection of all dealers of the products. Expertly handcrafted and stitched, our products are top of the line.

Wedding Safa Online

Our Wedding Safa and Turban are made in various style and from various cloth like the cotton Kota, Zaris , Saturn chiffon, Gata chola, etc and various other things to complement it, like the gems and jewellery. Though the safa trend is believed to have started in Rajasthan, it has gained widespread popularity all over and now the groom’s ensemble at weddings just seems incomplete without Safas. North India and particularly Delhi are full of examples of how this accessory has become a matter of pride and honour.

Traditionally, each colour and pattern was supposed to represent something and each pattern had a significance. However nowadays colours of the safas are selected for the guests keeping in mind the décor, the themes and personal choice. Safa tying also used to be a grand tradition wherein a specialist used to be called to help tie all the safas. We provide this service at a much lower and competitive rate. Our experts will be present at the origin of the Baarat to tie the safas of the guests.

We require a minimum head count for the same. With our professionals, safa tying is a matter of 2 minutes. The Groom’s safa would be more elaborate and would take much more time. It is embedded with pearls, gold and even necklaces. It would require extra charge. But our services are top notch and our manpower will ensure that he looks perfect for the wedding. So do not hesitate anymore. Call us now to buy the best wedding safa in Delhi.

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