safa for barati

Getting Exclusive Safas Welcoming the Baratis

Wondering how to welcome the baratis? You can arrange nice safas that would bring in big smiles on their faces. You can place an order for the safas and thus it becomes easier to get the nice ones. You can place bulk order that helps…

Why You Need a Wedding Planner in Our Wedding!

Planning your own wedding is very hard and it takes allot of time. It can be done, but it usually brings great stress. I will share a few reasons with you that will help you determine if you need a wedding planner or wedding coordinator….


7 Fall Wedding Trends

We’re now less than a month away from the autumnal equinox, and you know what that means…it’s time to dish on the latest fall wedding trends! If you’re in the midst of planning final details for your fall wedding, the clock is ticking (quite loudly,…


Finding the Best Wedding Planner in Kolkata

Kolkata is a lovely city to conduct a wedding in. There is much to be considered to hold it, but sometimes people want to rely upon skilled and professional advisors so as to save time and make sure everything’s perfect. For your comfort, we have…

Unique Games You Should Play on a Bridal Shower

Unique Games You Should Play on a Bridal Shower

  Planning your big day requires a lot of time and effort—from enquiring into a number of wedding caterings, searching for the perfect venue, and otherthings that are essential in preparing for the wedding day. It is in our tradition that before the big day, a bridal shower is…

Wedding Jaimala Themes in Delhi

Varmala ideas for your Wedding

  For Booking Call Us: +91- 8506884444     The varmala ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies at any Indian wedding. The ceremony is a sign of promise to accept and respect each other as bride and groom do by exchanging garlands. This…