Cool Teenagers Birthday Party Ideas And Games

Some Teenagers birthday party ideas are given below:

Bonfire Birthday Party:

To make your birthday party special in a night with your friends, music, and bonfire, it is good and easy to set up outdoors cleaning each and every corner of your house. You will be feeling good during winters. For this idea, you need sitting mats, Speakers, Fairy Lights, small chairs and candles.

Teenagers Birthday Party Ideas

How to arrange a party?

  • Decorate the place where you decide the party venue with fairy lights, candles, sitting mats, and chairs.
  • For food and drinks, you need cake, Pizza, Hot coffee and many more.
  • You can play games with your friends like Antakshari, Drum Stratz, musical chair etc.

Themed Party:

It is the most exciting and stylish birthday party and it’s in trend now. In this, your all friends have to follow a theme and wear dress according to your theme. For this, you need 3D glasses, 3D nose, Ribbons, Printable cupcakes wraps and many more.

How to arrange?

  • Make backdrop for party venue whatever you decided using chevron fabric and colorful tassel garlands.
  • Use printable cupcake to decorate the cakes.
  • Use a combination of colors like pink, red, blue, and green for the theme.

Hawaiian Birthday Party:

It’s a new way to celebrate your birthday party i.e. Hawaiian Birthday Party. You can celebrate this party at your home or any outdoor area. For this, you need flower necklaces, grass skirts, small lights, and green streamers.

How to arrange?

  • Ask your friends that they can wear Hawaiian beach dresses or grass skirts.
  • Decorate place with lights and artificial grass.
  • Greet your guest by saying “ALOHA”.
  • To make the party rock and with a great feel for this keep fruit salads, grilled fish, and coconuts. You can hire Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi .

Karaoke Party:

If you and your friends love music then you can arrange a Karaoke birthday party. You celebrate this party at home with minimum expense. For this, you need a Karaoke machine, Fog machine, Disco lights, and Karaoke songs.

 How to arrange?

  • For this, you can place floor cushions to set up the stage.
  • To look authentic for this you can hang curtains behind the stage.
  • Hand over props, sigs, sunglasses to your guests so that they feel live music restaurant.
  • To make it more joyful you can make a DIY photo booth with photo props like boas, hats, and masks.

 These are some ideas to celebrate your birthday at your home with minimum expense.

Cheerful And Delightful Ideas For Birthday Party

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