Great Party Favors for Kid’s Birthday

Kids love the day when their birthday comes. They enjoy a lot as their parents arrange grand party for them inviting their friends. But what to do when a party ends. At the end of the party, the host should give something to the guests especially something that they remember the party. These party favors can be anything like coloring books, thank you notes and many others. Some of these birthday favors have been described here.

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Bubbles are one of the favorite playthings for a kid. They can even use it for a themed birthday party. Kids can become creative by customizing their designs and decorate bottles with ribbons or anything else. They can also put labels with a name. You can hire birthday party organisers in Delhi for themes.

Super Slime

Super Slime can be easily created and even kids can do the mixing with their hands In order to make this, kids need borax, Elmer’s Glitter glue, and water. This slime can be made with different colors and packaged in such a way that it can entertain the guests.


There are broken crayons at home, which can be given as party favors. These crayons should be melted and then many funny shapes can be created from them. The shapes can be given through candy or cupcake, or anything else. The shapes can be made with either a single color or a mixture of colors. These can then be attached to a party theme color.

Ballpark Bags

The ballpark bags can be filled with cracker jack, bubble gum, tattoos, or anything that can be tied with a ribbon. These bags can later be used by the kid in other themed party of any event.


Parents can buy colored chalks with various designs, which can be packed in a waxed paper and could be packed into a bag. These chalks can be tied to a ribbon and worn in front of the tie.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice cream sundaes are the ones that kids can take home. These sundaes can be decorated inside a plastic sundae cup or tumbler.  These sundaes can be decorated with candies or mini bubbles. A cherry can be added on top with the help of a straw. In this way, birthday favors can be created and given at the end of a birthday party.

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