How to Host a Memorable Afterparty

The best kind of weddings don’t end after the venue has closed down. No, the best kind of weddings continue the celebration of love with family and friends into the night. So be sure to work your afterparty into your overall wedding plans to take the stress out of last minute changes. Whether you are planning your party at home or at a local bar, there are some things you must include if you want your afterparty to be just as memorable as your wedding.



Keep the party going with everyone’s favorite sing-a-longs. You could even throw in a karaoke machine or some traditional belly-dancers to really get the crowd going. There’s nothing that halts a party more than bad music choices so be sure to prepare ahead of time and create your own afterparty playlist to keep your guests entertained all night. If you don’t mind spending the extra money, you can always hire a separate DJ or live band for your afterparty, but the easiest way to keep costs down is to set up your own playlists and speakers. Trust us, by midnight, your guests won’t notice a difference.


Sure, everyone ate dinner after the ceremony, but we all know what a few hours of drinking and dancing can do to our bodies. To keep your guests energy levels up and ensure they are ready to keep the party going, be sure to provide food during your afterparty. There’s nothing worse than having guests leave due to hunger and trust me, your guests are going to want midnight snacks. Anything greasy, sweet, or edible without utensils is ideal. To make it even easier, try out one of these food bar options that will be sure to meet all your guests sweet- and sour- tooth needs. 


This is where the real fun and creative aspects come in. Keep your guests entertained with games, conversation starters, and activities. A classic guest favorite is an interactive photo booth with props that allow your guests to get silly and create photographic memories they can take home with them. Another great idea is inviting everyone to play classic backyard games like cornhole, Twister, or horseshoes. Never be afraid to challenge all your guests to a spontaneous dance-off if the night starts to get stale!


Everyone loves freebies, especially those that commemorate special occasions. There are tons of options for adult party favors that people will actually be excited to take home. Whether you want to include take home snacks, mini bottles, or relaxing gummies, there are hundreds of options for you and your guests. You may also want to keep a cool glass of wine on-hand because we all know being a bride AND hosting a party can be very stressful – or try other ways to destress during your wedding preparation.

No matter the size of your after party, if you incorporate these four aspects into your party planning you are guaranteed a night to remember.

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