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Top 7 Tips to Organize Outdoor Wedding

Ah, an outdoor wedding! The sunny blue sky, nature smiling up on you and romantic slow breeze…at least, this is how you dream of it to be. However in reality, there is a lot that can go wrong when you are celebrating in the open. Thus, it demands lots of…

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Effective Tips To Get The Best Instagram Photo While Travelling

When you want to share your travel photos, Instagram can be your best friend. You might want to get that perfect shot for sharing in your Instagram account. Here are some effective tips that can provide you with that expected shot. Know Your Phone Well: When you are taking pictures…

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Some Exotic Destination Weddings India Were Given Below

Wedding is one of the most propitious occasions of one’s life. Being once in a lifetime experience, it should be celebrated with great show and festivity. Though to make a wedding unforgettable event, there is need of several stuffs, but the most important is location. Yes, a location of the…


Why We Hire Wedding Planners

One of the most complicated tasks for any couple is that of arranging all the events in better way of their special day and that is something the occasion for a large segment of the population who embark on such a mission. However its feasible to make it a lot…