Home – where your life begins!Every house has characters and a story to tell. Where you hang out in your boxers and pajamas and binge on TV shows. Don’t you think it deserves better? If you are starting to feel like your small home is more incommodious than snug, maybe it’s time to try something new. The main problem is not the apartment but the condition it is in, that’s why remodeling could be your best bet. Remodeling your home in the style of your wedding is the new trend nowadays. Here presenting some unique styles for your interiors:



The Bohemian wedding style blends the rustic, vintage and natural details. Bohemian ideas and designs give you aunique, elegant and relaxed vibe. You can take yourliving rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms up a notch with Boho decor.

The Bohemian weddings are lively events that flaunt lots of flowers, vines, beautiful wooden décor, etc. These create an Indie vibe with the right amount of rustic everywhere.  You can incorporate these in your home décor and give it a vibrant feel. You can use beautiful set of flowers as a table centerpiece. Natural flowers work best but if you do not want the hassle of buying the flowers every other day, you can always switch to the artificial ones. However, be very particular about their quality. These will either spruce up your living/dining room or make it look dull, if you compromise with the quality.


You may also hangflowers from the ceiling of a small corridor or your balcony, using fishing wire or a ribbon and create ‘A whimsical Wonderland’.Hate dull and plain walls?Typical Boho mirrors can turn it into a masterpiece.  Also, bohemian enameled antique glass vases with some wildflowers can instantly beautifyany corner of your home.

Wooden tile flooring with contrasting monochrome wall colors will give you the perfect mix match vibe of the Bohemian decor. With vibrant indoor colors, accessories and vintage furniture,Bohemian wedding-style décor will help you turn your home into a delightfuland vibrant place.


The Classic wedding style is a timeless idea – an epitome of elegance. The sophistication and aesthetic class can be mixed into your interiors.


The styling should be of such elements that can easily bear the ‘test of time’. It should neither be rugged nor rustic. Choice of color palette should be perpetual. Loud vibrant or bright neon colors are a big NO!

Go for ivory, grey, white or beige colors. Adding a bit of material, metallic and texture would break the monochromatic look. Look for things to decorate that are inherently classic avoid mix-match.


Ordinary tables can be spruced up by sequined runners. Swap Tiffany chairs with upholstered style. Incorporate items like candelabras, fine China votives for your centerpieces. To give a modern touch you can also replace candelabras with hanging beautiful chandeliers.


Decor, music, cuisine be it any form, Mediterranean culture has affected them all. Mediterranean style incites memories of white-washed houses to crystal blue skies, from Olive trees to patio furniture, and stucco walls to terracotta flooring. In most Mediterranean weddings, the sunny weather influences people for outdoor seating. Comfy pillows with see-through luxurious curtains and innate pottery are what are expected to be seen at a wedding with this theme.

Mediterranean decor encompasses territories from Western Asia to Northern Africa and Southern Europe mainly Greece, Spain, and Italy. While remodeling your home, emphasize more on raw materials like hand-crafted woods. The stone walls with rough plaster could be painted with muted gentle colors or simply white. The furnishings give a typical old or at the least ‘not so new’ look. It should be strong and simple. Hanging a simple curtain from a wrought iron or wooden pole will be a beautiful addition.

A robust glazed pot simply hand-painted adds Mediterranean touch. The pots can be planted with White Roses interspersed with herbs in between. Terracotta plant pots, mostly used for the wedding styles, can also be a great idea. Iron plant stands, light fittings and rusted lanterns will give you a touch of rustic elegance.Overhead harsh lightning can destroy the atmosphere. A drop light with metal shade or lamps with ceramic glazed basis or plane shades acts the best.


The rustic wedding styling is all about clarity of country life and allusion to outdoors. A rustic wedding subsumes certain rustic elements like metal, timber, and unorganized flowers. Being informal, laid back and relaxed are typical of any rustic wedding styling.

Linen and wooden bowers often used in this style can be incorporatedin your home decor for that outdoor fancy. Blooms gathered from fields with green, blush or ivory mute shades are an eye pleaser. Vintage mirrors can be placed towards your dining table for that edge. Calligraphy stones, at times used as escort cards for a rustic wedding, can be embellished on the center tables for styling.

Centerpieces can be easily varied with mason jars or milk bottles with wild blooms in it, making a statement. A rustic tablescape styled with wooden chairs and simple wooden table depicts the raw and natural feel. A wooden table without a tablecloth and ‘glided China’ buoy up the setting.

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Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interiors- Home Decor Showrooms In Mumbai

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