Take the stress out of the wedding planning, with this easy ‘How To’ guide

A wedding is one of the most memorable and timeless essences of everyone’s life. To make a wedding beautiful, the couples started the wedding preparation months ago. Without proper planning and management organising wedding can be stressful and you may quickly be overwhelmed by the rising cost, family politics and sheer volume of tasks. To ensure your wedding goes smoothly, follow the down below simple wedding planning tips.


Ask for help: Never hesitate to ask your friends and relatives to help you with your wedding plan. Doing this, will inevitably reduce your stress level and down the workload at least half. 

Set the wedding budget: Settling a fixed budget for the wedding is not an easy task, as it looks. So, before you start taking action for the wedding sit with your parents and ask them for financial support. Try to fix your wedding budget and make sure not to exceed the limit. If you can afford everything lavish for the wedding like the wedding car, wedding dresses and entertainment, so ask your friends or relative help or just rent everything. 

The important things to consider for the wedding

  • Guest Lists
  • How many wedding transportations you can afford?
  • Wedding Theme
  • Catering & Toastmasters Team

Eliminate the wedding cost by shortening the guest’s list: The best way to reduce the wedding cost is to shorten the guest’s list. Most of the couples prefer to invite only their close friends & relatives in the ceremony and consider to welcome other guests to the wedding reception.

Wedding Theme: Many of the couples prefer to have a “theme” for their wedding. Be it a snowflakes wedding theme rose gold wedding theme, dreamland wedding theme or traditional white Christian wedding theme, a theme beautiful depicts the couple personality and class.

DJ & Entertainment: If you are one of them who doesn’t like to spend much on the entertainment, then create a CD of all your favourite tracks on which you shake your legs all day.

Wedding Transportation: Well, a wedding vehicle is as essential as the wedding cake. Just Imagine how beautiful it looks when you arrive at your wedding in lavishly decorated Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Hiring a beautiful wedding car not only depicts the personality of the couple but also make their guests remember their marriage for many years to come. Make sure to decorate your wedding vehicle nicely with silk ribbons and flowers that matches with wedding theme.

However, it is not compulsory to hire the wedding transportation for the guests. But, if you are having a destination wedding or countryside wedding them you may have to borrow the wedding transportation for the guests to pick them from the hotel to wedding venue and back to the hotel. For this, you may consider a minibus because big minibuses can comfortably accommodate up to 20 passengers and also equipped with all necessary facilities. With minibuses, you don’t have to worry about getting lost and even do not have to navigate, as minibuses are driven by professional chauffeurs who take care of everything from the parking to navigation.

Wedding Photographs: Don’t compromise on hiring a niche photographer for your wedding because photos are the only way to relive the old memories. 

Wedding Scrapbook: Place a scrapbook on the table and ask your guests to write their blessings on it. You can also place a globe to ask the guests suggestion for your honeymoon place. Furthermore, you can keep a Polaroid Camera and let your friends click pictures with you and paste it your wedding scrapbook.


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