What Not To Do While Planning a Wedding?

Wedding planning is in itself a very hectic task. You have to plan so many things, such as finalizing a venue, guest list, vendors, etc in order to have a perfect wedding. There are so many things going on at one time, that people tend to make few mistakes here and there while planning a wedding. However, we have listed some of the things that you should not do while planning your dream wedding.

wedding planning

If you think you cannot handle so many responsibilities, then hire a wedding planner for your wedding planning. They will take all those responsibilities on their shoulders so that you can have a chilled out and relaxed wedding ceremony.

Now, let’s dive into the things that any person should avoid in wedding planning:

  • Don’t go beyond your budget: Most often people tend to go beyond their budget by including various such things which are not even required in the first place. You should stick to the fixed budget that you have fixed for your wedding. Try to shop and plan everything in that amount. You can do your research online and search for things that cost less and are much more effective. Plan everything beforehand and then indulge in finalizing or shopping for items.
  • Don’t fall for Pinterest/Instagram world: Don’t fall into the trap of the unrealistic world of Pinterest/Instagram. While planning your wedding, you will surely visit various pages on Pinterest and Instagram to search for ideas for venue decoration, dresses, accessories, designs, etc. But you must remember that not everything you see will turn out exactly like the picture. It may also happen that you would not have that much budget. So, it is better to go to market in your area and search for your dresses and accessories.
  • Don’t go hard-core dieting: Starving is never a good option. If you think that you will lose weight in a week or so by starving yourself, then it is better than you stop then and there. Instead, eat healthy food which will provide your body with essential nutrients and minerals. Hardcore dieting will make your face look dull and stressed. So, give your body enough nutrients to get that healthy glow on your face.
  • Don’t try your outfit on the day of function: Do not wait for the end day to try out your outfits. You should always try them before the actual function so that you can get it altered or fixed if required. Also, you will get an idea as to how it will look on you, whether it is comfortable or not, etc. You must try the outfit with different accessories and footwear to decide which looks better on you.
  • Don’t go hard on yourself: Do not put a lot of stress on your body. Everyone knows that wedding planning can be overwhelming and tiring but, you must put yourself first before anyone else. If you feel that it is too much to bear, then shut everything off for some time and try to relax your mind and body by meditating or going for a long walk or whatever you find relaxing. Don’t try to meet everyone’s expectations. It is your happiness that matters.

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