Gorgeous Statement Rings for Your Wedding Day



Indian wedding come with a lot of sparkle and color.  The outfits, decorations and don’t forget the stunning jewelry is what makes it so royal and luxurious. In this article we will be giving you great inspiration and ideas on the statement rings for your wedding day.  There are many jewelry pieces that a bride will wear on her wedding day, and not a lot of attention is given to the rings. Thus we wanted to inspire you to think about rings with respect to the overall look, colors and textures. So let get started:

  1. Gold Statement Rings:




Starting with the most common colors of an Indian wedding. Red, green and gold are truly one of the the most desired color palettes for a bride for the wedding day. Gold rings with a pop of red or green rings look great on any attire that the bride chooses to wear. These are timeless pieces that reflect the Indian tradition and colors.

2. Gemstone Statement Rings:


Gemstone jewelry signified wealth and playfulness. Kings and queens wore gemstone jewelry and the tradition has been passed on to our current generation. Gemstones come from the earth are rare and precious, thus typically they are set in 18K gold. Statement rings with gemstones and diamonds set in gold are a perfect addition to your wedding look. These are mesmerizing. You can choose your favorite gemstone or go with the timeless emerald and ruby. After the wedding, gemstone statement rings can be worn in many ways for future occasions.

3. Diamond Statement Rings:


Diamond statement rings are a dream of every girl. It’s the shine and sparkle that make you feel like a princess. Diamonds not only goes well with any outfit but it enhances the overall look. There is a wide range of statement diamond rings that one can wear, the option above has a more traditional look that will look great on your wedding day.


4. Kundan Statement Rings:


Kundan rings come in 18K gold and also as fashion jewelry. Kundan rings add a traditional feel to a bride’s wedding outfit. Ideally you want the rest of your jewelry to be kundan as well in order to get the best look on your wedding day. It’s bold, traditional and colorful.

5. Pearl Statement Ring: 


Pearl jewelry is extremely sophisticated and modern. If you have pearl colored outfits, or any other pearl jewelry to coordinate, a pearl statement ring is perfect choice. These rings can be made of 18K gold or silver.  Such style is also commonly found in fashion jewelry. Above are two options for pearl rings. One with a dual tone gold and other complete yellow gold. For bridal occasions, it’s best if diamonds are used along with the pearl as accents.

7. Gota Pati Ring


Gota Pati jewelry has been one of the very popular trends lately. The designers at FoolJhadi have come up with these stunning gota rings. They are mostly in gold and other bright colors like magenta, green, yellow, reds. These are inexpensive ring made of fabric and lace, but look extremely fun.

7. Fresh Flowers Ring:


Now, these are unique rings. Flower statement rings are a special way to express your personality. No gem, precious stone or even diamonds can take the place of fresh flowers. They are so delicate and have a very short life span of a couple of days. It will match any outfit color you choose to wear. It will bring life and softness to your look. If you get you hand on a floral ring, I would highly recommend you wear it for your wedding. The best part it that it doesn’t have to match other jewelry style. I absolutely love them.

To summarize, here are the three big takeaway for you:

  1. Don’t forget to pay attention to you rings and hand jewelry because you’ll be using your hands in all the wedding ceremonies. You do want the hands to look and feel awesome.
  2. You can use contrast colors in the form of gemstones, gota or fresh flowers to bring freshness to you look.
  3. If you love timeless, evergreen pieces you should go for gold, diamonds or pearl statement rings.

Hope this post gave you some great ideas for statement ring for your wedding day. Please do let us know if you have any other suggestions that you have loved to see in this post .

Author Bio: Jinal Sampat

Jinal Sampat is Jewelry Designer at Sampat Jewellers Inc. Her focus is on innovation and creation of jewelry pieces that are meaningful and hold long term value. She creates versatile designs with Indo-Western elements. Jinal holds her graduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). You can find her at Instagram.

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