Jain Wedding Ceremony Brings Colorful Custom Celebration to the Couple

Jain is the oldest religion divided into two parts Digambara and Svetambara. Jain is the most dominant religion prevailed around the world. But in the Indian sate Maharashtra a large number of residents are present. Jain conducts wedding ceremonies in a highly traditional way but the custom practices are remarkably simple but realistic. Jainism believes in the deep sense of spirituality towards their religious and cultural beliefs.


In the Jainism dowry demand will not take place in the wedding ceremony. Jain never easily allows marrying in other communities because they are strictly and closely attached to their own religious values. Therefore, there are some staple religious and cultural custom celebrations acts which are described in a traditional and simple ways following as:

Wedding Stylish Attire

On the wedding ceremony celebrations and arrangements are high wherein the matrimony matchmaking couple shopping over weeks for their special wedding costumes. This day is extremely special to the Jain bride and grooms to come in this holy relationship. Jain bride wears a traditional lehenga along with ornamented jewelry and Jain groom wears embroidered traditional sherwani and headgear called safa according to his personal preference with wedding costume matching style. On the wedding day special this dressing code always looks very fit and smarter to the couple’s personality outfit.
Wedding Custom and Rituals

Jain wedding custom and traditions are additional joyful moments to create more joyous and fun-loving moments. Jain matrimony comprises various dominant rituals and customs are mentioned below:

Puja Lagana Lekhan: Puja lagana is the initial step towards the wedding customs whereupon priest is invited to determine the auspicious wedding date and time for the couple’s unity.

Gudhchadi: This ritual takes place in the night before the wedding ceremony. The groom leaves his home to the wedding venue but initially groom visits nearby temple with baraat to take blessings for this new life journey what he is going to start.

Kanyavaran: This ceremony is also known as kanyadaan sacrament that’s a great charity given by the bride‘s father whereupon he handovers her daughter in the hand of a worthy life partner who will take care the rest of life.

Phera Ceremony: Phera ceremony is the most significant ritual takes place approx at the ultimate moment of the matrimony occasion. The matchmaking couple takes seven steps with reciting vows by the priest. These seven steps bind the couple’s in a love life married relationship. After this matrimonial ceremony couple takes departure from the wedding venue towards their new life.
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