Makeup Tips to Protect your Eyes for your Big Day-

When it comes to your big day, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. From your dress to your shoes – as well as everything in between – we know that it’s a priority for you to look and feel your best for this special event. One body part that should not be overlooked in your primping efforts is your eyes. These are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and without proper care, they will not be adequately protected.

Besides a number of commonly practiced habits that can do damage to your eyes, a number of beauty routine practices can be harmful to this part of your face. Below, read all our best makeup tips and tricks for keeping your eyes perfectly protected leading up to and for your big day.

Switch out your mascara – you have probably heard this tip before, but you may not know just how vital it is to follow it! According to experts, you should be swapping out your mascara for a fresh one every three months, despite the fact that most last way longer than this lifespan. The reason for this is because opening the product immediately begins its exposure to substances such as dirt and bacteria, which are prone to growing in dark and moist environments – much like a bathroom. Each time you insert the wand into your mascara to reload it with makeup, more air is being pumped into the tube, thus allowing for the build up of more bacteria. Because you use this liquid makeup so close to your eyes, it can easily cause an eye infection or conjunctivitis.


Avoid glittery eye makeup – as fun as glittery eye makeup may be to wear, it’s not exactly good for your eyes. The small pieces associated with glitter are known for their ability to scratch eye corneas or to cause other serious eye injuries. Especially leading up to your big day, this is not worth the risk! Try using matte eye makeup instead to get the same shimmery look without the stress of damaging your eyes.

Always remove eye makeup before bed – while it can certainly be tempting at times to skip washing your face before you hit the sack, that can pose a significant risk to your eyes (and skin!). For instance, eyeliner can rub off onto your pillow, ultimately ending up in your eyes, causing irritation. Consistently sleeping in eye makeup could also lead to the clogging of tiny hair follicles and oil glands along your eyelids, which allows bacteria to build up, ultimately leading to inflammation. This can cause small, painful, and unsightly bumps called styes or hordeolums. Remember to let your eyes and face get the air that they need to stay healthy and rejuvenated.

Don’t share eye makeup – because sharing makeup can lead to microscopic organisms being transferred from one person to another, this can cause eye infections. That means no sharing eyeliner, mascara, or eye shadows with friends or even sampling makeup at the store. Minimizing your exposure to these germs is a good thing, as it only serves significantly diminish the risk of infection.

Wash your makeup brushes regularly – eye makeup brushes can harbor some serious bacteria if you don’t wash them regularly. Dirt, dust, and bacteria will reside on your brushes as it easily forms on the moist, warm environment that they provide. Use a gentle face cleanser or shampoo to regularly clean your brushes with warm water. Let them air dry and then condition them if desired to prolong their lifespan.


As you can see, there are many easy steps you can take to protect your eyes to keep them healthy for your big day. Your makeup routine plays a large role in keeping your eyes in perfect condition, so pay special attention your regime and take good care of those peepers!

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