My First Cheque of Wedding Planning and Great Experience that Taught Me a Lot

One thing I want to tell you from my experience is; wedding planning is a humongous task. I’m a wedding planner and I’m telling you all from my own experience. When first time I planned a wedding, then I knew that it is not a tasty soup that you can easily drink. I always wanted to get into events. The energetic atmosphere of them I love. Events are like full energy drinks whether weddings, corporates, parties or others. My favorite ones are weddings. I always love to plan them. It feels that you are planning for your own family.


After interning with well-reputed wedding planning company, I got the chance to wed-plan my cousin sister marriage. When I proposed the plan to my sister, she easily agreed without any hesitation. Though she believed on me but I was nervous. I didn’t know from where should I start. It is always like this that when a task that you always wanted to do, comes to you, you get nervous. Me got too. But you know I felt relaxed when I saw towards my wedding planning task list. I prepared it early because I knew it was necessary. It is always not possible to remember everything. Though one could but in weddings like events it happens that something you forget in hurry. And I didn’t want to because I made sure myself that it is my first wedding I do it wholeheartedly without leaving any stone unturned.

When I interned I befriended many good vendors and when the opportunity came of taking their help, I called them. Though they are my friends but in work, at that time they were always professionals. During the wedding, we handled everything professionally without losing our demeanor. The most barbed-wired type tasks were wedding décor and catering. It took so much time initially. My sister is very choosy and doesn’t like anything at first time. She always believes in aesthetics and at that time too. It was very hard to persuade her. She wanted her wedding décor totally flowery and without colorful ones. During wedding season it is hard to get all types of colorful flowers that are used in wedding planning. One has to take care of them also otherwise they fade and your whole wedding decoration can get ruined. Somehow we did and it was winter, and during winter time flowers get frozen. The décor was based on pink and white flowers theme. And we added extra twinkling small bulbs too to make it more charming.


The other difficult thing was about deciding the wedding menu. It is hard, so hard. You have to take care of everything because it is the section where lots of money got spent. And your wedding menu depends on your guests’ list, according to that you have to decide it and it could be one number up and two numbers down. For her wedding, I sat with her and with a catering vendor. We three decided the whole wedding menu. Our guests’ list was lengthy because it was my first cousin’s wedding. And we didn’t compromise on that, means one should not do it. On other things in a wedding you can compromise a little but where the food comes, one mustn’t. It is what guests cherish always. We had four desserts types and many small stalls of food. Food was on Dhabba-style theme. Everyone sat on four-legged light beds, what we call in our local language, “Chaarpai”.

Baraat came at 10:30. It got late because of traffic, coming from Dehradun. After that, we performed all ceremonies. It was winter so we were all feeling cold, shivering in it. Though at the end of the day my sister got married and I received my first cheque of 2 lakh for doing my sister wedding planning. Though I didn’t want to take it but she insisted. It was not the money that mattered to me but experience. It was my first experience that taught me everything and something that I can never forget for my whole life.  Apart from that, if you are looking for the best wedding planners in Delhi, there are many experienced ones that you can hire. And after your wedding, don’t forget to credit them because they sweat out for you.

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