The Essential Wedding Planning Guide

Marriage is one of the most critical events in our lives, so everyone always wants to have a memorable and enjoyable wedding. To have a successful wedding, we must plan to prepare it carefully and meticulously. However, making a plan for the marriage is not an easy task because we almost get married once in our lives and have no knowledge or experience of this. There are so many things that you have to think about, have to choose and have to decide on your wedding. There are many couples who are confused and even stressed when planning their wedding because they do not know what to do and how to do it. Wedding planning is essential to ensure that your marriage is going smoothly without any shortcomings or unfortunate events. To prepare for the perfect wedding, spend as much time as possible on it. If you are also in this case or are getting married, please refer to our article right away. We will guide what you need to do, need to think about and need to plan for your future wedding. Are you ready? Let’s get to know them right away.


Step 1: General Preparation

This general preparation is necessary and must be carefully conducted as it determines all the issues involved in your wedding. The things you need to do are:

  • Talk about your decision to marry for your family. Then arrange a meeting for both families to discuss, give ideas and then decide on your wedding
  • Determine your wedding style (polite, casual, simple)
  • List essential things to do for your wedding; it will help you determine the budget you need
  • Sit with your future spouse and discuss the budget for the wedding, and who is paying for it
  • Make up the wedding planner book (3 booklets). Use them to store information, contracts, ideas, photographs, etc. about your wedding
  • Talk to church people about your requests (if you want to celebrate your wedding in the church)
  • Choose a suitable wedding day and look for party places. If the place you like is still available for the day you have chosen, you should book immediately. Many banquet places are often booked before 1 or 2 years ago.

Step 2:

  • Start searching and talking with experts on photographing, filming, hotel management, and wedding flowers
  • If any wedding service is ready for the wedding day you have chosen and suits your pocketbook, book the service right away! Like the restaurant, these services have also been booked for a year ago
  • Discuss with your parents about wedding guests and make a list. You can shrink the number of guests to suit your financial capacity. Start looking for information on wedding magazines, wedding fairs, and internet searches.
  • Decide on the color of your wedding, music, and decoration based on the style you have been chosen
  • Choose the person who will help you on the wedding day (bridesmaids, groomsmen, seat guides, etc.)
  • Choose and buy wedding rings
  • Look for and choose a place where you will go honeymoon. Discuss where both of you want to go then inquire information at the travel agent or search for information on the internet.
  • Choose outfits such as wedding dress, face veils, vest, and accessories

Step 3:

  • You should complete the decision and buy a wedding dress, veil, and accessories
  • Pay attention to what you have to take responsibility for in your wedding
  • Finish choosing the outfit for those who help you on your wedding day (bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.)
  • Start looking for a wedding card

Step 4:

  • Work with the florist and tell your requirements
  • Hire wedding cards maker, outer and inner envelopes of wedding cards.
  • Book for transportation on the wedding day
  • Find the décor team to help you decorate your wedding place
  • Arrange accommodation for distant guests
  • Choose the wedding cake
  • Make mock plans for the wedding
  • Decide the food and favorite things at the wedding reception

Step 5:

  • Book for the wedding cake
  • Meet with the clergyman to discuss wedding details (if needed)
  • Complete the guest list
  • Redefine the rehearsal plan for the wedding
  • Buy book sign for guests
  • Buy gifts for those who help you on your wedding day
  • Try out wedding dresses
  • Arrange for honeymoon day
  • Write guest name to wedding invitations or hire the writer

Step 6:

  • Plan to meet with hair stylists and makeup artist for a try first.
  • Carry out procedures for marriage registration
  • Meet the wedding services to complete all your requirements
  • Complete the selection of music for the wedding
  • Take the wedding pictures
  • Meet the clergyman to complete the details of the wedding (if needed)
  • Book room for wedding night (if needed)

Step 7:

  • Send wedding invitations
  • Validate booking for honeymoon
  • Start arranging the seat for guests.
  • Try the last time the wedding dresses
  • Arrange baby seats (if needed)
  • Complete and print out the wedding program
  • Validate the fee needs to be paid for the wedding services and the time as well as the place of delivery
  • Get the marriage certificate

Step 8:

  • Complete guest seating map
  • Validate time and location of delivery of the wedding flowers and cake
  • Get wedding dresses, costumes for those who help you on your wedding day, and accessories
  • Give the correct number of guests to the wedding reception manager at the hotel
  • Validate everything with the wedding services
  • Make sure that everyone who helps you on the wedding day fits costumes

Step 9:

  • Try the food in the wedding menu
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Recall the wedding day
  • Check the date with the hairdresser and makeup artist
  • If you are allowed to go to the ceremony and place of the party, bring all the necessary items there (such as decorations, guest signers, etc.)
  • Take care of the things you need for the wedding day (wedding dresses, shoes, wedding certificate, etc.)
  • Talk to all the people who help you in the wedding and clarify their position and responsibility on the wedding day

Step 10: On Your Important Day

  • Have breakfast even though you feel not hungry
  • Share your personal feelings with your partner
  • Hairdressing and makeup
  • Give the ring to your partner
  • Wear wedding dresses two hours before the wedding
  • Take time to look at you in front of the mirror before starting

Here are 10 steps to make a plan for your wedding. If you want to have enough time for preparation, it is recommended to spend at least 6 months before the wedding to make a plan and decide all things related to your special events. Be sure that all things are available for your wedding day at least a week. Hope that the guide we suggest above will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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