What Does It Take to Plan A Memorable Destination Wedding?

Destination wedding adds up to the charm of the wedding itself. Getting married against the backdrop of a beach or hilltop gives you big day fa fairy-tale flavor. Not only you but your friends and family, invited to the wedding, relishes this equally. Besides enjoying the event, they can enjoy exploring the place as it might be new to them. As much as charming a destination wedding sounds, there is a lot of labor involved to set up a perfect event. This is not just a matter of choosing a modest wedding dress but planning and lots of accurate planning is what it takes to make your dream wedding a reality. Before you kick-start choosing your destination and the entire planning, here are some tips that can help you make an informed decision:


  • Take Time:

The excitement of getting married may urge you to plan your wedding in a few weeks or a month but to your disappointment, you cannot. It is a tough and time taking process because you have to coordinate with lots of people will help you to make this happen. Check the availability of hotels and venues first. You should start your planning at least 12 months before the date you are planning to get married. The first thing is to send the ‘save the date’ cards to your guests as soon as you decide on some date for your wedding so that they can make it to your wedding by managing their own work-life etc.

  • The Location:

Different countries have different wedding rules. Some might require you to have parental consent while others will want you to spend some time before you get married there, know the rules before you pick someplace. Choosing a destination might be tricky at times. Keep in mind that your destination should have all the resources you need. It has plenty of hotels with varying budgets to accommodate all your friends and family. If you are planning to get married at some popular destination like Miami, the wedding date might intermingle with the abundance of tourists. Therefore, make sure to plan your wedding in the shoulder season, when there will be less crowd although there will be fewer markets and shops but till there will be the availability of a wide range of hotels and venues.

  • Consider Your Guests:

Your destination will be no fun if you will not be surrounded by people you love. Make sure to set your weddings considering everyone’s availability. Inform them at least 8 months before the wedding date so if they had any budget issues, they can get time to adjust them. Consider a destination that is easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Check the availability of hotels that offer a diverse range of budgets. If the one near to the venue is expensive, look for the one that is 15 or 10 minutes away. Your destination wedding might be a mini-vacation for you, but it might not be the one that others want to take because the car rent, airfare and hotel charges are not affordable for all. Therefore, if any of your guests decline the invitation take no offense for that.

  • Make it Indigenous:

If your wedding décor and the arrangements will not have a local flavor to them, then your destination wedding will lose its essence. Your venue must speak of the destination. It should have indigenous hues to it so that you can feel the difference. Seek help from the local wedding planners that are usually provided by the hotels, they can suggest some ways to get the decor done is a budget-friendly way. This will be innovative for your wedding guests as well.

Keeping the tips that we have enlisted for you, plan your destination wedding in the best way possible. Plan it in time to avoid stressing over everything. Let your destination vibe be seen in detail coupled with your personal style. Weddings are full of laughter, love, and tears. An event strengthening the bond between two people, vowing to spend their lives together, and enabling them to share their merriment with others. Celebrate your love with your intimate family and friends, with a beautifully embellished backdrop, which will keep this memory very close to your heart. Thus, making it last forever!

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