The Money Savvy Wedding Plan

Did you know that an average wedding in the United Kingdom cost around $25,000? It’s more than the income of an annual middle-class family. The expenses for the marriage can add up quickly around 6% off the couple would end the marriage in the budget, 26% couples goes beyond the budget, 23% couples confesses that they have no budget and the reaming 65% couples spend more than they have.


We all want a Fairy-tale wedding, without sacrificing anything? Here Rolls Royce Hire shared some interesting tips that cut your wedding cost dramatically. Here some of the ideas might not be your cup of tea, but we are sure you will find something amazing in our Money Savvy Guide that will save you from huge chunks.

Clothes & Accessories:

Consider hiring the wedding dresses for the bride and groom. Also, you can check out the high-street boutiques. Buy the heels that are comfortable, and you can use it again.

Guest and Invitations:

Don’t over invite! Share the wedding with your close friends and family members. Instead of printed wedding cards, use your creative skills and craft beautiful handmade wedding cards with silk ribbons and photo. Also, you can mail the invitations.


Create the CD with your favorite tracks in which you can shake your leg all night.

The Venue:

Don’t go for a destination wedding; it cost your much. Stay in town. Choose mid-week or Sunday; it would cost you cheaper than the Friday or Saturday ceremony.

Food & Drinks:

Organize a traditional buffet. Instead of an open bar, serve beer.

In spite of champagne, go for sparkling wine. Organize an own caterer it costs you cheaper. Also, many supermarkets offer to customize cakes option, ask them for a delicious wedding cake.

Hair & Make-up:

Ask you, friend, to do your make-up, only after she had run many tests. You can also learn online and do it yourself. Be Beautiful!!

Wedding Transportation:

Ask you, friend, to drive you to the wedding venue in a classy vintage car. Decorate the wedding car with streamers, flowers and statements. And there you go!!


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